The Purpose

Your Table Is Ready is a unique dining experience. Whether its an intimate dinner for two or a small party of twelve, our goal is to give you a 5-star experience with a menu designed just for you.

We offer several options for building your menu. You can quickly select from one of our themes such as Mexican, Italian, or All-American. Or you can create your own menu from scratch with any of our signature dishes. Chef Billy-Brendan Ginty will work with you to customize the dinner exactly to your liking.

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The Chef

Chef Billy-Brendan Ginty"I was born into a culinary background. My father was a chef and a 5-star successful restaurant owner before me. I have learned a great deal from my father about culinary skills, techniques and creating delicious recipes. My mother was your classic home cook. With a knack for creating dishes with soul, she passed on to me the tradition of putting love and care into your food. With this foundation laid for me, I went on to study and earn a bachelors degree in culinary arts service management at Paul Smiths College, where I worked in The Hotel Saranac for the summer and learned the hotel side of the business. From there I worked for a foodservice company for 10 years learning the in's and out's of food service. Over the years, I have developed a deep love for creating environments where people experience excellent service alongside first class food. Your Table is Ready was born from this love. Every experience with Your Table is Ready will make you feel like you invited the chef into your home. It is my hope to serve you in the future!"

~ Chef Billy-Brendan Ginty

"I love the feel of creativity, the feeling of appreciation I get from my guests, and the feeling of honor and excellence they experience from me." ~ Chef Billy-Brendan Ginty
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